Leading By Example

As leaders we often tell our subordinates to emulate that which they expect of their employees. How often are we checking to see what our subordinates are “emulating” from us? If you want to know, “secret shop” your own office sometime! Have a friend call, or call yourself. Try to get on your own calendar, ask particularly difficult question, make a general inquiry about a unit program, etc.- and just sit back and see what kind of mentor you’ve really become. If you aren’t satisfied with the response you’re getting, it stands to reason that the person who called before you and the one who will call after is getting about the same treatment. Often just cleaning up “your own operation” pays it forward to inspiring everyone else to do the same- without the need of “refresher training” or a “required company meeting”. Ownership still goes a long, long way!

Monday Morning Quote: We judge ourselves by what we feel capable of doing while others judge us by what we have already done. – Longfellow

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