Implementing Your Vision

This week I write to you from New Mexico, my last stop on my way home to Texas. This past Saturday I had the pleasure of participating in a wedding that was four years in the making- not a four year engagement- a four year “Army Pause” on the formal event due to an OCONUS (overseas) tour and a year-long deployment to Iraq for the humble groom. Watching dear friends come together in a chapel at Luke Air Force Base, the groom looking quite handsome in his new Army Service Uniform, the bride absolutely radiating happiness in her elegant gown, and the gathering of friends and family to lend their support and share in the happiness, was a beautiful sight indeed.

It reminded me of a very simple leadership principle- one that Soldiers understand very clearly and demonstrate daily.

Perspective of the Week:

“In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock. ” -Thomas Jefferson

I have witnessed Soldiers delay a formal wedding, miss the birth of a child, wish their loved ones happiness on a special occasion via webcam, and hold a church service in a bunker and in a tent. It is humbling to witness the strength of tradition even when it has to be carried out “unconventionally”.

As a leader, you have to ask yourself if your vision is aligned with your principles. If they are, your Soldiers will make every sacrifice you can imagine to fulfill the mission you require of them. If they are not, you will find yourself wondering why people are so difficult to manage. At that point you have reduced yourself from a leader to a manager.  Keep leading with integrity and your people will manage themselves.

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