Leadership and Choices

Everyone has one thing in common- we all have a limited amount of time. Limited time to accomplish work tasks, limited time to spend with our families, and limited time left to make an impact on this world before we are just another “memory”.

Everyday we are forced to make choices in how we spend our precious “limited” time. Sometimes we choose well, like leaving the office to make it to your child’s baseball game just in time to witness the game-winning homerun. Sometimes we choose poorly, putting off major projects that end up wasting so much more time and effort down the road. Either way, choose we must- and no one is the exception.

Monday Morning Perspective:
“It is not only what we do, but also what we do not do, for which we are accountable.” -Moliere

If you’ve watched the news this week, our very own President, Barak Obama, the Leader of the Free World, made such a choice. In an effort to reach American viewers “where they are” (a quote from his PR rep), the President appeared on the daytime talk show hosted by Barbara Walters and four other female hosts. President Obama used the platform to reach the everyday viewer with his “likable” side that most say won him the seat in the oval office not so long ago. Many think that it was his best attempt to reorient voters to the person they liked and elected during a time when his approval rating is dwindling. Others think it was his attempt to lock into social media and propel the Democratic Party forward to this next election. Regardless of why the President made that decision, it is more the thing he chose NOT to do that is making headlines.

To appear on “The View”, President Obama had to send his regrets to the Boy Scouts of America and reject their invitation to attend the 100th Annual Jamboree being held in his backyard at Fort A.P., Virginia. While he sent his regards via a taped message, the public is still amazed at the choice. Being known as an organization that grooms America’s young men for leadership- having many former Presidents, Senators, Congressmen, and affluent business leaders among the ranks- many assumed that the 100th Year Celebration would be a very important thing for the most powerful man in America to attend.

Regardless of how you feel about the President’s choice- there is certainly a leadership lesson to be gleaned. Sometimes what we choose not to do is even more important than the things we actually do.

What are you choosing NOT to do that may make an impact on those who look to you for Leadership? It’s certainly something to consider.

Remember- They will live the example you set for them.

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