The Truth about Happiness

I feel privileged to do the work I do, and some days bring the best personal stories you could imagine. Sometimes I’m asked to keep them to myself, but often I’ll ask if it’s ok to share the inspiration with others. Today I get the honor of doing just that.

Just over ten years ago a bright young man walked out of the bank that he worked in and bumped into a young woman hurrying down the street. She seemed a bit out of sorts, but he apologized for jarring her and flashed her a smile. She seemed to change immediately- Her face lit up, a smile bloomed across her face, and she peered back at him with the most beautiful set of green eyes that he had ever seen. Without a second thought, he introduced himself and asked to buy her a cup of coffee to make up for scattering her things. She accepted.

This year marked their 10-year anniversary. He is now a senior executive at that very same bank, and she is a proud mother and philanthropist. She spends most of her time volunteering with at-risk youth trying to make a difference in the course of their lives. Her husband, assuming that her motivations came from her love for their children, asked her one day why she felt that people considering suicide could have their minds changed by a conversation with her. She smiled and said that she believed that every person on the brink just needed one thing or one person to be happy about, and that happiness was a gateway to hope which could lead to healing.

Convinced that he had married a most generous and loving woman, he accepted her answer and thought no more of it.

Later that week, on the morning of their anniversary, he awoke to find her already out of bed cooking breakfast and getting their children off to school. On his bureau, he found a folded piece of paper written in her hand.

When he opened it and began to read the contents, tears filled his eyes. It was a suicide note written by his wife when she was 22 years old. It was dated the exact day they had met.

Overwhelmed by the note, he rushed downstairs and swept her into his arms. She smiled and laughed and squeezed him tightly. She said, “For all these years, I didn’t want you to know how foolish and unstable I was back then. But even though you didn’t know it, you saved me.”

Monday Morning Perspective

“You don’t have to be something to everyone, you’re already everything to someone.”Unknown

Be the change you wish to see in the world.”- Mahatma Ghandi


 Today, both the banker and his wife volunteer together. He understood the power that happiness and hope can have, because he sees it daily in his lovely wife. He couldn’t imagine a world without her in it.

Giving that glimmer of hope to someone else may seem like a tall order, but there are fewer things more rewarding that watching seeds of love and compassion bloom in the life of another. It’s a tree worth planting everyday. Its shade is like no other.

Have a wonderful week!


Warmest Regards, 

Crystal Dyer

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