About Crystal

President of Professional Coaching Consultants, LLC, Crystal serves clients as an Organizational Development Consultant. With a long track record of providing exceptional strategy & training platforms and proven business solutions for her clients, this US Army Veteran brings only the best the development world has to offer. Known for her engaging keynotes and dynamic coaching abilities, Crystal is truly a world-class consultant.

Her areas of special emphasis include: Leader and Team Development; Executive Coaching; Strategic Goal Setting and Implementation; Marketing; Sales Platform Improvement; and Retention & Resiliency. Her primary focus from 2010 and 2014 has been working with Corporate America to effectively hire and retain military veterans and family members.

Her clients include Fortune 500 and 1000 companies like AT&T and Boeing, US Military Leaders their and Family Members, Faith groups and communities, and Professional Athletes and Teams.

Her personal adventures raising five kids keeps her sufficiently busy. They enjoy playing and watching sports as a family, boating, and taking road trips. Most of all, they enjoy laughing and playing together at every opportunity.


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